Advocacy and employee support

At UnitedHealthcare, we know how the health system works, and we're focused on simplifying health care for employers and employees. We put advocacy solutions in place designed to not only help lower costs and improve outcomes, but provide your clients — and their employees — compassionate support to make health care easier.


Advocate4Me is designed to provide proactive, personalized support

A one-stop resource for support

A one-stop resource designed to provide end-to-end support for many health care needs — from behavioral and clinical to pharmaceutical and financial, not to mention help with benefits, claims and more.

A commitment to solving problems

Advocates stay connected until the inquiry is resolved or a follow-up is scheduled.

A direct line to specialized support

Families with specialized needs have access to dedicated and focused 1-on-1 support. Advocates proactively reach out to employees who may need additional support.

A coordinated, interdisciplinary team

Using powerful data and insights, UnitedHealthcare works behind the scenes to help guide and support the employee — and the advocates committed to helping them.

Share with your clients

Find out why members give advocates a 96% satisfaction rating.1

Read how UnitedHealthcare is working to help reduce the weight of stress and responsibility on your clients.

Online tools and resources

Proactive guidance, compassionate service and simplified experience work together on behalf of your clients' employees.

Advocate4Me works for your clients and their employees

Advocate4Me works for your clients and their employees
Holistic support Details
For your clients

With Advocate4Me, employers may see the following benefits:

  • Fewer employee complaints and issue escalations
  • Lower medical expenses
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity
For employees

Support from Advocate4Me may result in the following benefits for employees:

  • A simplified, proactive and personalized experience
  • A familiar voice that's easy to connect with
  • The ability to make more informed decisions throughout a health journey
  • The opportunity for better health outcomes and lower medical costs

Complex care calls for compassion, expertise

Support for families with complex care needs provides access to a single point of contact connected to aspects of the health care system to help find specialty providers, maximize benefits, resolve unique insurance issues and more.