All Savers Alternate Funding

All Savers Alternate Funding is a self-funded health plan designed specifically for small businesses. It includes three parts:

1. A self-funded medical plan, which pays covered medical expenses for employees and their dependents.

2. A third-party administration agreement between the employer and United HealthCare Services, Inc. for claims processing, billing, customer service, and other administrative services.

3. A stop-loss insurance policy by All Savers Insurance Company. Stop-loss insurance protects the plan from large, catastrophic claims by an individual covered member, and provides overall protection in the event that all claim payments made under the medical plan exceed a certain dollar limit.

Why would an employer want a self-funded health plan? Because they'll pay lower premium taxes throughout the year, the plan won't be subject to state mandates, and they'll actually have the chance to get some money back at the end of the year.

To see if this plan is available in your state, use our Group Plans Search tool.