Plans tailored for your small business

The number-one concern for small business owners is the cost of health care.1 So, All Savers Alternate Funding traditional plans were built with your small business in mind. They’re intended to help you save money — and help your employees get more out of their plans, too.

Did you know that 60 percent of UnitedHealthcare small business employees spend less than $1,500 a year on health care?2 It’s often for things like ear infections, broken bones or routine checkups. Since those employees often don’t meet their deductibles, they end up covering most of their medical costs out of their own pocket.

A different kind of plan

All Savers Alternate Funding is a self-funded health plan designed specifically for small businesses.

It includes three parts:

  1. Your self-funded medical plan, which pays covered medical expenses of your covered employees and their dependents.

  2. A third-party administration agreement between you and United HealthCare Services, Inc. for claims processing, billing, customer service and other administrative services.

  3. A stop-loss insurance policy by All Savers Insurance Company (except MA, MN and NJ), UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company in MA and MN, and UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company in NJ. Stop-loss insurance helps protect the plan from large catastrophic claims by a covered individual, and provides overall protection in the event that all claim payments made under the medical plan exceed a certain dollar limit.

With a self-funded health plan you may pay lower premium taxes throughout the year and you’ll have the chance to get some money back at the end of the year where allowed by state law.

Why All Savers

 All Savers consumer-driven health plans are designed to meet the challenge of rising health care costs by offering flexibility and options with an Alternate Funding plan.

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  1. Small Business Trends, Top 10 Challenges Small Business Owners are Facing Today, 2017.
  2. Based on a national sample of UnitedHealthcare small business claims data for fully insured plans, 2017.