Features and benefits

Cost control

  • Surplus refund eligibility when claims costs are lower than expected.
  • Level funding:
    • Fixed monthly claims funding payment throughout the plan year.
    • Not subject to adjusted community rating.
  • Network and clinical programs focusing on appropriateness and cost-effectiveness.
  • Automatic stop-loss reimbursement in cases where claims are higher than expected.

Variety of plan designs

  • HSA, PPO and EPO plan portfolios to meet your employees’ needs:
    • Deductibles that range from $500 to $6,850.
    • Coinsurance options of 50%, 80% or 100%.
    • Embedded and non-embedded deductibles.
    • Individual Stop-Loss Limits: $15K-50K (Varies by state).
    • Primary Care Physician (PCP) Gated EPO plans with specialist referral required (Not available in all markets).
    • Advantage Prescription Drug List (PDL)
    • Essential PDL - unique benefit designs (Not available in all markets).
  • Tiered Benefit Plans:
    • Specialist tiering (Not available in all markets).
    • Advanced - Deductible range $1,000 - $5,000, 50% coinsurance.
    • PROformance - deductible range $1,000 - $5,000, 80% coinsurance. $0 Kid PCP copay, $10 - $15 PCP copay for adults.
  • Flex Focus Plans:
    • Deductible range $1,000 - $3,000, 80% coinsurance.
    • $0 copayment for the first 3 PCP/Specialists combined visits.
    • $0 copayment for the first 2 Urgent Care visits.
  • National pharmacy benefit manager with full OptumRx integration.
  • Opportunity to bundle UnitedHealthcare Specialty benefits, taking advantage of combined billing and Packaged Savings®.

UnitedHealthcare networks and resources

  • Nationwide network of quality health care providers, including more than 1.2 million physicians and care professionals, and 6,500 hospitals and other care facilities.1
  • Rally Connect® provider search and cost transparency tool allows members to choose the care at the most competitive price.
  • Support from UnitedHealthcare resources.

Robust tools

  • Detailed claims utilization reporting to help manage an employer’s benefit plan.
  • 24/7 website access:
    • Member website with access to benefit and claims information.
    • Employer website with the ability to manage member information and enrollment.
    • Provider website with member benefit verification.

Superior service

  • Dedicated member services:
    • First contact resolution.
    • Claim navigation.
  • Committed Motion team:
    • Offering expertise and personalized assistance navigating through the UnitedHealthcare Motion® program.
  • Employer Welcome Webinar:
    • A live overview to help understand and get the most out of an All Savers Alternate Funding plan.

Why All Savers

All Savers consumer-driven health plans are designed to meet the challenge of rising health care costs by offering flexibility and options with an Alternate Funding plan.


  1. UnitedHealthcare Networks. Data and Analytics, “Look beyond discounts