Coverage for unexpected employee medical events with UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally

UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally® combines supplemental health benefits to provide select groups financial protection coverage in the event of an eligible accident, critical illness or hospitalization.

Focusing on just the medical side of a person’s health doesn’t offer a full picture of an employee’s overall well-being. Delivering a whole-person approach means addressing one’s physical, mental, social and financial health needs.

In fact, financial wellness is now ranked as the top benefit requested by employees,so UnitedHealthcare works alongside employers and employees to help provide financial support and resources.

For example, UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally® provides fully insured and ASO groups of 100+ employees with financial support in the event of a covered unexpected medical event. Benefit Ally combines supplemental health benefits — Accident Protection Plan (APP), Critical Illness Protection Plan (CIPP) and Hospital Indemnity Protection Plan (HIPP) — with medical benefits. When an eligible medical event is identified that qualifies for an additional payment under any of the supplemental health plans, a benefit check is automatically sent to the employee to be used in any way they want, such as to help pay for household expenses, medical copays or groceries.

Eligible events can include accidents, critical illness or hospitalizations like:

  • Emergency room visits related to an accident
  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Hospital admissions and intensive care unit and hospital stays

Benefit Ally is now available in most markets, with the exception of Connecticut, Idaho, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Vermont and Puerto Rico. Please note: Benefit Ally is sold in New York as UnitedHealthcare Ally.

Learn how UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally works

A simpler experience

In addition to financial protection, Benefit Ally offers a simpler experience for both employers and employees. Benefit Ally helps employers and employees in the following ways:

Employers: Benefit Ally streamlines the administrative process for employers by bundling existing supplemental health products with medical plans and offers this as a single package, such as within a single quote or invoice.

Employees: Benefit Ally simplifies the employee experience by automating the claims payment of supplemental health benefits, so the employee automatically receives a supplemental health benefit check when a qualifying event or diagnosis is identified.

Benefit Ally — Value vs. Benefit Ally — Enhanced

Benefit Ally is available as two different packages: Benefit Ally – Value and Benefit Ally – Enhanced. While the supplemental health benefits covered in each package are identical, the payouts differ. For example:

  • Benefit Ally – Value: Pays the member $3,000 for a cancer diagnosis 
  • Benefit Ally – Enhanced: Pays the member $4,000 for a cancer diagnosis


Supporting employees financially, when they need it most

Whenever employees experience a health crisis, their primary focus should be on their health — not on their medical expenses. Employers can help by offering UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally®, a suite of supplemental health products, bundled within a medical plan, that automatically pays out a financial benefit when an eligible medical event is identified. 

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