Take control of your care

Unlock the full potential of your health and wellness coverage. Get familiar with your plan's benefits, as well as ways to make the most of your doctor visits and prescription medications. Plus, learn about alternative care options, from emergency rooms to retail health clinics.

Get the most of your benefits

Learn more about what your health plan covers – including medical, preventive and pharmacy benefits.

Choose a doctor

Find a list of providers in your health plan's network and choose a doctor to help guide your care. 

Plan for your doctor visits

Get the most from your doctor visits by managing upcoming appointments and using checklists  to help you plan ahead for questions to ask.

Find care alternatives to the ER

Know when alternative care options - other than the emergency room (ER) - might make sense. 

Consider advance care plans

Advance care planning is a way to help you prepare ahead of time in the event you're unable to make your own medical decisions.