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Fluoride varnish strengthens a child's teeth and can also help prevent tooth decay. Ask your dentist about fluoride varnish at your next dental visit.

El barniz de fluoruro fortalece los dientes de los niños y también puede ayudar a prevenir las caries. Pregúntele al dentista acerca del barniz de fluoruro en su próxima visita dental.

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Medicaid Benefit Renewals

Starting April 1, 2023, people in RI who receive Medicaid benefits and receive a letter in the mail informing to redetermine eligibility must take action to renew their medical Medicaid coverage. 

The most important thing to do now is to update your contact information so that the Rhode Island Medicaid program can send you notices and information you need to keep or change your health insurance. 

Update your information:

  • Online or mobile app: To access your account online visit healthyrhode.ri.gov or download the HealthyRhode mobile app on your smart phone.
  • Call: HSRI at 1-855-840-4774 (Monday through Friday, except holidays, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.).
  • In person: Visit staff at the Rhode Island Department of Human Services (DHS). For locations visit: DHS Offices | RI Department of Human Services

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Dental wellness

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  • How to take care of your baby’s teeth and gums
  • How to keep your child’s teeth healthy
  • Preparing kids for their first dental checkup

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Tips to help improve the oral health of newborn babies and families

Consejos para el cuidado dental de los recién nacidos


Contact Member Services:  1-866-375-3257 (TTY 711)
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m EST, Monday - Friday