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What sets UnitedHealthcare apart

UnitedHealthcare specialty plans offer more savings and simplicity

Learn how UnitedHealthcare specialty plans are helping your Vermont clients manage health care costs for their business and enhance their employees' benefits package.

Committed to our Vermont community

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to supporting Vermont employers, employees and their families by building strong, lasting relationships in the community. Our presence in Vermont includes:1

More than 52,500 members

within Vermont communities

More than 4,450 providers

available to meet member needs in Vermont

Over $61,800 donated to local organizations

in support of communities across Vermont

More than 145 UnitedHealthcare employees

within Vermont communities

Latest news

Learn how employers in Vermont, a state in which teenage drug use is at one of the highest rates, can help support their employees.

Vermont youth have some of the nation’s highest rates of anxiety. Dr. Donald Tavakoli shares how employers can support their employees' families.

UnitedHealthcare Local Markets CEO explains why employers, regardless of size or location, are seeking ways to better manage their health care costs.

Meet your Vermont team

Tim Archer

CEO, UnitedHealthcare, New England

As CEO of UnitedHealthcare’s commercial operations in New England, Tim Archer leads the team responsible for providing access to commercial health benefit products and services to small and large employers up to 5,000 employees. The team serves employers and residents in all New England states from Connecticut up to Maine. With more than 18 years in the health insurance industry, Tim is well positioned to drive UnitedHealthcare’s agenda focused on affordability, simplicity and delivering quality, supported care across the New England states.

Eric Swain

Vice President,
Sales and Account Management

Caitlin McCormick

Vice President,
Account Management