Behavioral health

As the demand for behavioral health and substance use support increases in the United States, 77% of employers have said they plan to offer behavioral health support to their employees.1 To help meet that demand, UnitedHealthcare advocates, clinicians and thousands of preferred providers nationwide are available to help guide employees every step of the way on their behavioral health journey with understanding, compassion and support.

The importance of quality behavioral care

A guided behavioral health care experience

Helping employees find the right care, more quickly

UnitedHealthcare provides employees with personalized support, including quality care, virtual services, mobile apps and more. 

Supporting employees with behavioral health and physical health needs

Nearly 14% of members experience both medical and behavioral conditions.2 Additionally, their claim costs are two times higher and account for 28% of the total cost of care in an average employee population.3

Helping employees across the behavioral health care continuum

UnitedHealthcare's Behavioral Health Solutions provides employees with the support to meet their needs across multiple conditions, resulting in timely access to the right level of care.

Behavioral health solutions designed to meet employees' needs

We help make behavioral care more accessible by growing the network of providers, reducing barriers to accessing care and increasing engagement across a comprehensive continuum of care.

Broadening behavioral health access

With over 315,000 providers and 136,000 virtual care providers,4 UnitedHealthcare is working to connect your clients' employees to the behavioral health care they need.

Providing 24/7 support for behavioral needs

Employees can find behavioral health providers on, and seek care via virtual visits.

Reaching out based on data

With 21 million+ member interactions,5 our data and insights allow us to help identify and proactively reach out to employees who may face chronic and high-risk behavioral health conditions, with opportunities for enrollment in opportunity-based programs.

Share with your clients

These solutions help guide employees to the mental health care they need.

Employees need different levels of support. Learn about our continuum of care approach.

5 ways to help employees find the behavioral health care they need.

More ways to connect employees to confidential support

More ways to connect employees to confidential support
Behavioral health solutions Highlights
Virtual visits for behavioral health
  • Talk confidentially by phone, desktop or mobile device with a psychiatrist or therapist without leaving home
  • Get evaluated for conditions like depression or anxiety
  • Get a prescription, if needed
AbleTo virtual behavioral therapy and coaching
  • Learn coping tools to help manage anxiety, stress and depression
  • Get 24/7 access via smartphone, tablet or computer

Digital tools to increase access to care

Learn about our strategies for expanding solutions to care for employees and their families, including virtual appointments, apps and digital tools.