Solving the biggest challenges in health care demands innovative thinking. UnitedHealthcare is responding to the needs of employers and their employees with solutions that aim to make health care simpler and more cost-effective. Our innovation efforts are grounded in data-driven personalized care, seamless digital experiences and strategic collaborations.

Accelerating Innovation

Personalized care starts with data

Employees expect a more personalized health care experience — one that’s data-driven and customized to their unique needs. UnitedHealthcare is using advanced analytics, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to deliver access to more personalized care that aims to improve outcomes and lower costs.

Digital fuels the provider-patient relationship

Putting more digital tools and technology in the hands of providers — and, ultimately, employees and their families — empowers them to make more proactive, evidence-based health decisions. UnitedHealthcare believes the digital transformation we’re seeing in health care is key to building a more trusted provider-member relationship.

Strategic collaboration powers innovation

No organization can solve health care’s most complex challenges alone. It requires collaboration across the industry. The combined knowledge, experience and capabilities of UnitedHealthcare and key industry stakeholders has unlocked opportunities to deliver greater value to providers, employers and their employees.

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Transforming the future of health care demands an acceleration in the pace of innovation. Explore the innovative strategies that are helping make health care work better for employers and their employees.