Cost management

With health care spending in the U.S. expected to reach $6.8T by 2030,1 it’s critical that your clients take a strategic, end-to-end approach to cost management. Explore strategies that can help reduce the cost of care for your clients and their employees — and learn why UnitedHealthcare is uniquely positioned to help you achieve their health benefits goals.

UnitedHealthcare delivers a ≈10% lower total cost of care than the rest of the market

Reducing the total cost of care requires looking beyond traditional network discounts. Because without considering the savings a carrier can provide through the programs it offers, your clients may not have the full financial picture. Taking this holistic approach may save them ≈10% with UnitedHealthcare, according to a third-party study.2 Dive deeper into the research findings.

Health plan and networks designed to help make quality care more affordable

Understanding and recommending the right medical plan and network configuration for your clients can help ensure their organization and employees get the most out of their health insurance, at the lowest possible cost. From fully insured, level funded and self-funded medical plans to a wide variety of network configurations, UnitedHealthcare has options that meet just about every employer’s needs

Care and clinical management programs aimed at supporting better health outcomes and lower costs

The prevalence of complex and chronic conditions — and the costs that accompany them — demands clinical and care management programs built to help your clients’ employees navigate their care journey. Targeted clinical and care management programs can help deliver more efficient and cost-effective care, improve health outcomes and ultimately reduce costs.

Payment integrity solutions built to reduce wasteful spending and help ensure payment accuracy

Approximately 25% of all health care spending is considered wasteful.3 Ensuring that the carrier you recommend to your clients offers a robust payment integrity solution can help reduce costs and protect their employees’ health care dollars. Leveraging deep expertise, data and analytics, UnitedHealthcare was recognized as being the “most thorough” at detecting, preventing and recovering fraudulent, wasteful or abusive payments across the claim’s lifecycle.4 In 2023, these efforts resulted in $6.8B in savings.5

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