Behavioral health

With unaddressed employee depression and anxiety issues costing the U.S. economy an estimated $1 trillion in lost productivity each year,1 employers want behavioral health programs that are not only effective, but cost effective as well.

Behavioral health is a top priority for employers — with good reason

Behavioral health issues are widespread

Nearly 1 in 5 adults is affected,2 making it a top priority as employers focus on whole-person health.

Many don't get the behavioral health treatment they need

About 57% of adults with behavioral health issues do not receive behavioral health care,2 and only 1 in 10 Americans with a substance use disorder receives treatment.3

Behavioral health issues complicate medical conditions

Nearly 15% of the population has both medical and behavioral conditions, resulting in claims costs that are 2 times higher than those without comorbid conditions.4

Connecting employees and their families to quality behavioral care

It takes courage to ask for help. We help make behavioral care more accessible and effective for your clients' employees through intelligent plan design, innovative technology and proactive outreach.

Broadening behavioral health access

Plan designs include access to the industry's largest performance-based, tiered behavioral network,5 faster appointment times with Express Access and expanded specialty networks.

Providing 24/7 support for behavioral needs

Employees can find behavioral health providers anytime on®, seek care via virtual visits and access self-help information when they need it at

Reaching out based on data

Data and insights help us identify and proactively reach out to employees who may face chronic and high-risk behavioral health conditions, with opportunities for enrollment in evidence-based programs.

Share with your clients

These solutions help guide employees to appropriate inpatient and outpatient behavioral care.

More ways to connect employees to confidential support

More ways to connect employees to confidential support
Behavioral health solutions Highlights
Virtual visits for behavioral health
  • Talk confidentially by phone, desktop or mobile device with a psychiatrist or therapist without leaving home
  • Get evaluated for conditions like depression or anxiety
  • Get a prescription, if needed
Sanvello™ app
  • Access clinically tested techniques, coping tools and community support
  • Learn new ways to relax, be present, stay focused
Talkspace mobile app (self-funded only)
  • Find a therapist and start therapy within hours, no office visit required6
  • Message a therapist anytime
  • Get video visits by appointment when needed

Quality care for the whole person

Medical conditions may be harder to manage when behavioral health issues persist. See how UnitedHealthcare's integrated approach is designed to deliver results.


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