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UnitedHealthcare Community Plan - KanCare 2024 Value Added Benefits

Pregnant and New Moms

Babyscripts: Pregnant members can join the Babyscripts program and earn up to $75 in rewards on Walmart e-Gift Card. Download the app from Apple or Google Play stores, then sign-up with your Member ID number.

Nutrition support for high-risk pregnancy: Pregnant members identified as high risk and engaged in care coordination, get food support the last trimester and first month post-partum. Member works with Care Coordinator who determines need.

First trimester prenatal exam reward: Earn a $75 rewards debit card* for completing a first prenatal exam, in the first trimester or 42 days from enrollment. Ask your provider to send us an OBRAF (Obstetric Risk Assessment) form.

Pack'n play: Pregnant members who attend a participating Community Baby Shower and fill out an attendance form, can get a pack'n play.

More Coverage

Adult dental: Members 21 and over are eligible for additional dental benefits like specialty x-rays and specialty preventive treatments up to $500 per year. For help, call member services 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711

Additional vision: Adult members over 21 can get an additional $60 to upgrade their frames, once a year. Ask your Vision provider. Providers wanting to participate can work with UnitedHealthcare Provider Services.

Social Consideration & Wellness

24 extra round-trip rides: Get up to 24 total round-trip additional rides per year to places like the pharmacy, grocery store, food bank, WIC, prenatal classes, community activities, support group meetings, job interviews, trainings, career counseling or any other to access services. Call ModivCare at 1-877-796-5847 or Member Services at 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711, at least three days before the need.

Bus passes: Members (age 19 and older) in Wyandotte, Johnson, Sedgwick, and Shawnee counties can get up to $25 in bus passes, per year. To access, call Member Services: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

Dining with Diabetes: Members with type 2 diabetes (or their caregivers) are eligible to attend a K-State Research and Extension Dining with Diabetes class, at no cost. To access, call Member Services: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

Educational advancement: Supports adult members (age 19 and older) with education like GED, Coding classes, Resumé Writing workshops, and English as a Second Language (ESL). Covers up to $200. Call Member Services: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

Healthy activity for youth and for adults: All members (adults and youth) can access a $50 activity at participating organizations, like some YMCA, Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Parks and Rec locations. Or instead, get a fitness kit for healthy activities at home. To access, call member services: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

Healthy rewards: Earn a Rewards debit card* for completing things like annual health assessment and well-child annual visits. Reward amounts are $10 and $25 (up to $75 annually). Once a member completes an activity, a card will be mailed, or reward will be added to existing card.

Help with getting cell phone: Free smartphone with unlimited messaging for members 18 years and older. Limit of one device per household that qualifies to federal eligibility criteria. Call member services for assistance: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

Post-discharge Mom's Meals: Get 14 meals (two meals a day for seven days) when being discharged from a medical facility, have mobility needs, no family support, and are at risk for readmission due to nutritional issues. Available within 30 days of discharge. Call member services: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711, or work with your discharge planner.

Nutrition classes: Complete the Create Better Health SNAP Education classes and get a food journal and cooking item valued at $50. Once class is completed call member services: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711. Information on classes:

School supplies: Members who are in foster care can get a school supply box per year. Members can ask their foster care agency.

Air purifier: Members 18 years old and under with an ashtma diagnosis can receive an air purifier valued at $75, per year. Call member services to request: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

Bike helmets: Members 18 years old and under can receive a bike helmet each year. Call member services to request: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

OTC (Over the Counter) Card for frontier and rural counties: Members living in Rural and Frontier counties (as determined by the state of Kansas) can receive a $50 OTC (Over the counter) card* per year. Call member services to request: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

Technology Programs

On My Way (OMW) program: Young adult members can access This website teaches skills like managing money, getting housing, finding job training, and applying for college.

Pyx Health: Members 18 and older can access 24/7 support and companionship using the Pyx Health mobile app. Go to or download the Pyx Health app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

AbleTo App: A self-care app for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. Download the AbleTo app in the Apple or Google Play Stores and use your Medicaid ID number to access.

Community Programs

Mental Health First Aid training: Learn how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use. Trainings are in English and Spanish. UnitedHealthcare will attempt to hold events in major areas of the state. Upcoming dates can be found at:

Seeking Safety training: A training that teaches coping skills to help adults, children and youth attain safety from trauma and/or substance abuse. UnitedHealthcare will attempt to hold events in major areas of the state. For more information, call Member Services: 1-877-542-9238


Weighted blankets: Members in foster care or on the Autism or SED Waivers can request a weighted blanket, to help with anxiety. One blanket per member annually. Call member services to request: 1-877-542-9238, TTY 711.

OTC Card (Over the Counter) for waiver members: Members on waivers receive a $50 OTC (Over the Counter) card*. To activate card, check balance, or find a store, call 1-888-682-2400 or go to For questions, talk to your care coordinator.

Internet access: Members on waivers may be invited to get internet services, to complete a specific health activity. Work with your care coordinator.

Pest control: Waiver members who own their home can get pest control services. Up to $250 max annually. Work with your care coordinator.

Wellness calendar: Members enrolled in care management, whole person care, pregnant, or behavioral health programs will be mailed a calendar at the beginning of each year to track their doctor appointments, medications, and social events. Member can contact their Care Coordinator if they haven't received it.

*Can only be used to buy CMS approved related health items at specific stores. To activate card, check balance, or find a store, call: 1-888-682-2400 or go to

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