Out-of-network solutions

Help reduce out-of-network health care costs

Employee well-being is key to productivity, business growth and staying ahead in the market. One way to focus on employee well-being is by helping reduce the stress of unexpected balance medical bills from out-of-network care. That’s where Naviguard® comes in.

Naviguard, a UnitedHealthcare service, works with employers to help guide their employees and manage out-of-network balance medical bill resolutions from start to finish. Find a personalized toolkit of Naviguard resources below. Created after listening to employers’ unique needs, these resources include program fliers and more to help you and your employees get the most out of the Naviguard program.

Why Naviguard?


total member reduction off billed charges1


Net Promoter Score2


cases resolved3


average out-of-network balance bill reduction4

Naviguard in action

See what happens when John, a Naviguard member, meets the Naviguard Member Advisor who negotiated with his provider and helped give him peace of mind.

View Naviguard resources

Help your employees gain a better understanding of how their out-of-network benefits work. And learn how Naviguard can help you and your employees lower out-of-network health care costs.

Questions about Naviguard?

Contact your consultant, broker or UnitedHealthcare sales representative.