Leveraging data, digital tools and technology, and strategic collaboration, innovative solutions from UnitedHealthcare are designed to deliver greater value for you and your employees.

Accelerating Innovation

Reimagining health care for employers and employees

The health care industry faces difficult challenges stemming from its complexity. See how UnitedHealthcare is working to make health care simpler, more equitable and more cost-effective for you and your employees.

Delivering data-driven personalized care

Employees expect a more personal health care experience that’s tailored to their unique needs. Data and advanced analytics can help identify gaps in care and lead to more personalized care paths for employees.

Digitally empowering employees and providers

The digital transformation in health care is putting tools and technology into the hands of employees and providers so they can make more informed decisions designed to drive better health outcomes, simpler experiences and lower costs.

Collaborating to solve health care challenges

UnitedHealthcare is combining its knowledge, experience and capabilities with academia and other organizations across the health care industry to help address disease faster, advance new health-related technologies and more.

Get more on innovation

Transforming the future of health care demands an acceleration in the pace of innovation. Explore the innovative strategies that are helping make health care work better for you and your employees.