Cost management

As health care costs are expected to continue to rise — and employers and their employees face increasing economic challenges — developing strategies that help better manage your health care costs may be more important than ever.1 UnitedHealthcare is committed to working with you to implement cost management strategies that meet the moment.

UnitedHealthcare beats competition by ~10% with its total cost of care approach

Without considering the total cost of care savings a carrier can provide, you may not have the full financial picture. In fact, taking a holistic approach may save you ~10%.2 Hear why UnitedHealthcare is engaging third-party firms to validate its cost-savings methodologies, relative to the market. Dive deeper into the results of these studies.

Independent studies are enabling more transparent and accurate cost analyses

Designing networks and plans that work to control costs

UnitedHealthcare designs networks and plans that can help strike the balance between costs and quality coverage and care.

Network configurations that prioritize quality care at lower costs

More employers are considering networks that promote quality, cost-effective care while still offering their employees a range of provider and health system choices.

Health plans that offer a balance among savings, predictability and risk

Designed to offer the potential savings of self-funded plans and the predictability of fully insured plans, level-funded health plans continue to gain momentum.

Implementing clinical solutions that help drive better outcomes and lower costs

UnitedHealthcare focuses on providing a guided, connected approach to care that works to manage costs across the care continuum. Learn more about our care management and clinical programs.

Supporting employees to make more informed health decisions

Aimed at supporting an individual’s overall well-being, UnitedHealthcare offers wellness programs and services that work to improve member health and lower costs. Explore our wellness programs and services.

Providing cost support for out-of-network expenses

Available at no extra cost to employees, Naviguard can help employees resolve unexpected, out-of-network medical expenses. To get started, employees can call the number on the back of their UnitedHealthcare ID card or visit for more information.

Stay in the know

Controlling costs in a challenging economic environment demands a cost management strategy that meets the moment. Explore how UnitedHealthcare is bringing together network and plan design, employee engagement and clinical and care management strategies to help drive better health outcomes, a simpler experience and lower costs over the long term.