Group Medicare Part D prescription drug plans for retirees

Employers and plan sponsors can offer their retirees a UnitedHealthcare® Group Medicare Part D plan (prescription drug coverage) that's cost effective, convenient and easy to use. UnitedHealthcare Medicare Part D prescription drug plans have national reach, provide excellent customer service, and offer the stability of a large organization as well as financial pricing integrity.

Optum Rx® is UnitedHealthcare’s pharmacy benefit manager, committed to helping plan participants find the most cost-effective ways to get their prescription medications. Optum Rx makes it easy to help find comprehensive information about prescription drugs and where to buy locally at the best price.

How do group and individual Part D prescription drug plans work?

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans are privately insured and administered plans that help reduce the costs of prescription drugs for those eligible for Medicare. A Medicare Part D plan is separate from Original Medicare Parts A and B.

Medicare Part D plans are available:

  • As standalone plans (without a Medicare supplement plan)
  • In combination with a Medicare supplement plan
  • As part of a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part D prescription drug coverage
  • In combination with a Part D wrap plan, which may provide additional coverage for drugs not eligible under Part D

Choosing the right group Medicare prescription drug plan

UnitedHealthcare is committed to using our broad range of national resources to work for you and your retirees — with an eye on your bottom line.

Benefits for employers and plan sponsors

Flexible plan designs

Standard group plan designs include those with and without enhanced gap coverage. You can often find custom group plan designs that are similar to your retirees’ current coverage, so there may be less difficulty switching to the new plan.

Group plan coverage

Your retirees have access to consistent coverage throughout the United States and its territories.

Medicare-specific formularies

Formularies, which list the drugs covered under a plan, are designed to serve the unique needs of Medicare-eligible individuals.

Simpler administration

UnitedHealthcare will guide you through the group enrollment process, which means less administrative work for you.

Split billing

Available at no additional cost, this billing feature enables you to subsidize part or all of the cost of the premium for as many employees as you choose.

No need to file for the Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS)

You’ll no longer have to file and recognize the RDS as taxable income.

Benefits for retirees

UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans can help protect retirees from rising drug costs today and in the future. Retirees benefit from the following plan features:

National pharmacy network

Over 67,000 retail locations, plus the convenience and savings of home delivery.

Broad formularies

Group plans may cover all drugs. Comprehensive formularies — lists of covered medications — offer your retirees even more information about which prescriptions are covered.

National coverage

Retirees maintain coverage wherever they travel within the United States.

Financial predictability

Low premiums and predictable copayments can help retirees manage their health care budgets.

Preferred pharmacy network

Retirees may save even more when they fill prescriptions at preferred network pharmacies.

Personal and convenient service

Retiree-focused customer care professionals are available from 8 AM to 5 PM local time, 5 days a week.

Get Started

Employers, plan sponsors and brokers can get information and personalized assistance from a UnitedHealthcare representative.

Looking for an individual Medicare Part D prescription drug plan?

If your former employer does not provide retirement coverage, UnitedHealthcare offers prescription drug plans (PDP) to help you save money and give you peace of mind.

Have a question or need help with your health plan account?

If you get your UnitedHealthcare plan through your employer or former employer, or have an AARP® Medicare or UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan, we’re here to help.