Simplifying the vendor selection and purchasing process

Launching in 2024, UHC Hub, a curated network of vendors, aims to simplify the experience of selecting and purchasing health benefits.

Employees have more health needs than they used to — and they seem to be growing. To help address specific employee needs, many employers are working with vendors to supplement their health plan and benefit offerings, such as vendor solutions for diabetes management or depression. Around 50% of employers currently work with 4 to 9 digital point solutions,1 while 80% are interested in offering third-party solutions.2

Introducing UHC Hub

However, navigating a vast array of point solutions can be a challenge. For instance, at the most recent HLTH conference, there were more than 830 sponsors represented.3 If employers get past being overwhelmed at the sheer number of vendors, they may have questions like:

  • What vendors should I prioritize based on my workforce’s needs?
  • Which vendors are most effective at helping employees manage certain conditions?
  • How can I ensure employees are using the vendors — and experiencing the desired outcomes?

Evaluating, choosing and managing the right solutions can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

To simplify the selection and purchasing process of vendors, UnitedHealthcare is launching UHC Hub™ on Jan. 1, 2024, with the aim of offering employers and employees a curated network of complementary vendor solutions and an infrastructure that enables a more connected experience.

Simplifying employers’ roles in engaging vendors

Employers are busy running their businesses and managing their workforces amidst a competitive labor market and an inflationary economic environment. Their time and resources matter, and UHC Hub may help employers save time.

In its continued effort to simplify the health care system, UnitedHealthcare has worked to make it easier for employers to select and purchase vendors that can help benefit their employees.

For instance, instead of sifting through hundreds of vendors themselves, employers can consider those available through UHC Hub and know that each vendor represented has been vetted by UnitedHealthcare. UnitedHealthcare can suggest which vendors may be most effective for that employer’s workforce.

Flexible pricing can also help employers manage their costs. Plus, employers will have just 1 contract for all the vendors they choose, rather than managing multiple contracts, which helps allow for a more streamlined procurement, implementation and administration process.

Helping employees to more easily engage with their benefits

Employers want to know that their employees are using and benefitting from the solutions they offer. UHC Hub helps support both awareness and engagement among employees since it brings together eligible solutions on 1 platform, helping to give employees access to solutions that may apply to them.

UHC Hub is a curated network that helps connect UnitedHealthcare members to vendor programs that aim to help employees:

  • Meet their health and well-being needs
  • Manage their complex care needs
  • Understand and use their health care benefits and services

UHC Hub is also integrated with UnitedHealthcare solutions, such as Personal Health Support and Advocacy. Advocates are connected to vendors, giving them direct visibility into member program benefits and services and enabling them to provide tailored vendor recommendations to employees during phone conversations or via chat. Those recommendations will also be displayed for employees on® and the UnitedHealthcare® app.

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