Children's health

From the moment they’re born, children depend on us to help nurture their growth and development. Parents, extended family, health care providers and other community members may all play a role in supporting a child's physical, mental and social well-being. Regular wellness appointments, screenings and tests also help support your child's health. These checkups help track your child's development so you can understand how to help them as they grow. Let's go over some key information and resources that may help you take care of your child's health at each step along the way.

Child well visits, birth to 15 months

Scheduling regular checkups with your child’s health care provider is an important way to ensure your child is growing up healthy. Child well visits help you track your baby’s development, stay up to date on immunizations and watch over your baby’s health. Use our list of questions to help get the most out of each early well-child visit.

Child well visit checklist

Get ready for your child’s screening and immunization visits by reviewing this checklist before each appointment.

Preventive care for all ages

As your child grows, child well visits (or preventive care visits), continue to be an important part of their care. You can get preventive care checklists for yearly appointments from 1 month to adulthood.

Quiz: How much do you know about child well visits?

What are the benefits of child well visits and immunizations? There’s a lot of conflicting information out there. See if you can tell fact from fiction with this quiz.