Quiz: How much do you know about child well visits and immunizations?

Take a quiz to see if you’re ready for your child's next appointment

It's easier to care for your child when you know what steps to take. But there is a lot of conflicting information about the benefits of child well visits and immunizations. See if you can tell fact from fiction with this quick quiz.

Let's get started

1. Immunizations given before age two can work just as well if given later in life.

2. How many well visits should your child attend before they reach 15 months?

3. The side effects of immunizations are less risky than if your baby got sick naturally.

4. Some immunizations are given to a baby more than once.

5. Babies can only get one immunization at a time.

6. Immunizations are the main reason why disease rates have dropped.

7. Immunizations have been proven to cause autism.

8. Your baby's appointment is a good time to bring up any worries you have about being a parent or guardian.

9. How effective are most immunizations proven to be?

10. Your baby's care provider can catch early signs of hearing and eyesight problems.