Childhood vaccines

How vaccines may help protect your child every step of the way

There are many ways to protect kids as they grow. Planning for vaccines is an important step you can take to help protect your child from up to 16 serious diseases by age 18.1 There can be many questions about when and why to schedule vaccines.  Here, you'll find resources to help guide you on what you need to know about vaccines and how they work.

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Here's a list of questions to ask. 

Questions to ask your doctor

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Here are a few of the most common questions related to child vaccinations.1

Protection for a lifetime

At every age, there are specific vaccinations that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends for children and teens. Below, you’ll find a list of which vaccinations are recommended for specific age groups. 

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Questions to ask your doctor about vaccines

Not sure what to ask your doctor before making a decision on vaccinations? Here’s a guide to help you know what to ask.

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Get a full checklist of recommended preventive care for your child, based on age.

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