Employee Assistance Program

If your health plan includes the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you can call our coordinators 24/7 for a no-cost, confidential assessment of your situation and a referral to licensed professionals and services. Not sure if EAP is included in your health plan? Call the number on your health plan ID card to find out.

Get started with EAP — one call is all it takes

Calling an EAP coordinator for a no-cost, confidential assessment is a good first step. They’re trained to understand your concerns and connect you with the specialist or service best able to help you:

  • Address depression, stress, anxiety or substance use issues.
  • Improve relationships at home or work.
  • Find support for child or elder care matters.
  • Work through emotional issues or grief.
  • Get legal or financial assistance.

You may also get a referral for 3 no-cost visits with a behavioral health provider for those who qualify.

UnitedHealthcare Employee Assistance Program

No-cost call

When EAP is included in your health plan, the call costs nothing.


Your personal information is kept completely private in accordance with the law.

Personal service

Whatever your specific situation, our coordinators can connect you to the right services and specialists.

Get started with a simple, no-cost call: 1-888-887-4114 / TTY 711