Dental and vision benefit summaries

We offer dental and vision plans for businesses in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Benefit Summaries

Links to benefit summaries for dental and vision
Plans Dental 
Basic  P3401  P2916  1P891  B846
Preferred  P2918  P2917  1P887  ICKQ
Preferred w/$1500  P2924  P2923  1P893  ICKQ
Preferred w/$1500, WWP  P3404  P2925  1P894  ICKQ
Preferred w/ $1500 and Ortho  P2927  P2926  1P946  ICKQ
Preferred w/$1500, WWP and Ortho  P3405  P2928  1P896  ICKQ
Preferred w/ WWP  P3402  P2919  1P888  ICKQ
Preferred w/WWP and Ortho  P3403  P2922  1P890  ICKQ
Preferred w/ Ortho  P2921  P2920  1P889  ICKQ
Voluntary  P1258  P1266  1P897  ICKQ
Voluntary w/$1500  P1259  P3375  1P898  ICKQ
Voluntary w/ $1500 and Ortho  P1257  P3376  1P899  ICKQ
Voluntary w/ Ortho  P1256  P1223  1P968  ICKQ
Elite  P2930  P2929  1P953  ICKQ
Elite w/$1500  P2936  P2935  1P961  ICKQ
Elite w/$1500, WWP  P3408  P2937  1P957  ICKQ
Elite w/ $1500 and Ortho  P2939  P2938  1P892  ICKQ
Elite w/$1500, WWP and Ortho  P3409  P2940  1P951  ICKQ
Elite w/ WWP  P3406  P2931  1P940  ICKQ
Elite w/WWP and Ortho  P3407  P2934  1P938  ICKQ
Elite w/ Ortho  P2933  P2932  1P952  ICKQ
Incentive  P3179  P5263  P5263  ICKQ
Incentive w/$1500  P3181  P0101  P0101  ICKQ
Incentive w/$1500, WWP  P5267  P3438  P3438  ICKQ
Incentive w/ $1500 and Ortho  P3182  P0006  P0006  ICKQ
Incentive w/$1500, WWP and Ortho  P5268  P3435  P3435  ICKQ
Incentive w/ WWP  P3167  P5265  P5265  ICKQ
Incentive w/WWP and Ortho  P3172  P5266  P5266  ICKQ
Incentive w/ Ortho  P3180  P5264  P5264  ICKQ
Premier  P2942  P0015  P0015  ICKQ
Premier w/$1500  P2948  P0019  P0019  ICKQ
Premier w/$1500, WWP  P3452  P0095  P0095  ICKQ
Premier w/ $1500 and Ortho  P3221  P2950  P2950  ICKQ
Premier w/$1500, WWP and Ortho  P3410  P3400  P3400  ICKQ
Premier w/ WWP  P3450  P0091  P0091  ICKQ
Premier w/WWP and Ortho  P3451  P0092  P0092  ICKQ
Premier w/ Ortho  P2945  P0014  P0014  ICKQ

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