Oxford Benefit Management for Members

How to manage OBM benefits and services

The OBM member ID card

Use your personalized OBM Member ID Card at participating provider locations and retail outlets nationwide. At the time of service, or product purchase, you will need to present your OBM Member ID card along with any required payment. Your identification card indicates the OBM plan package selected by your employer.

OBM services locator

Employees can find providers and/or participating retail locations by zip code, and perform online searches. Simply click on the My Dental Plan and My Vision Plan which links specific to the information you are looking for. These links are provided to connect you to the UnitedHealthcare Dental network, UnitedHealthcare Vision participating facilities, OptumHealth's online resources and services, and UnitedHealth Allies health discounts.

Other questions or comments

If you have questions related to OBM, you can contact us via e-mail at obm@ancillary-benefits.com, or contact Member Services at 1-800-521-9845. The phone number provided will give you access to OBM and OBM partners, who can assist you with questions specific to:

  • Claims and claims payments
  • Benefit questions
  • Provider locations
  • General questions and comments

Contact us

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