Employer tools and administrative websites

Manage employee health benefits efficiently and effectively with UnitedHealthcare digital tools.

Manage group benefits in Employer eServices®

Employer eServices provides a suite of tools to simplify health plan management for employers.

  • Receive eligibility updates
  • Pay invoices
  • Check out wellness tips and more

Use uhceservices.com to administer group benefits

This resource center provides enhanced support for medical benefits administration.

  • Look up plan benefit information
  • Manage eligibility
  • Get health plan ID cards for members

Resources for employers to share with employees

Employers can find easy-to-understand, personalized materials to share with their employees in this resource center. These materials are designed to help employees better understand their benefits and build health ownership. Employees also can access member-specific materials through myuhc.com® or the UnitedHealthcare® app.

Employees can find personalized health information with myuhc.com

On myuhc.com, employees have access to several resources to help them manage their health and wellness. Members can get personalized health information, check their claim status, view their benefits and health statements, estimate the cost of care and more. Our research shows employee satisfaction improves 29% for those using myuhc.com versus those not using the website.1

Employees can get on-the-go health plan access with the UnitedHealthcare app

About 84% of consumers prefer to interact with health insurers digitally.2 The UnitedHealthcare app allows employees to get secure, on-the-go access to personalized health information.3

Work with a broker

Learn more about the benefits of working with brokers and how they can help you choose a health plan.

Connect with UnitedHealthcare

Reach out to UnitedHealthcare to get answers to your most pressing health care benefits questions.