Understand group health insurance costs

When it comes to choosing health insurance for you and your employees, you want coverage that best fits your needs and budget. UnitedHealthcare’s wide range of options and easier-to-use tools help make it simpler to find a group plan that works for your business.

How much does health insurance cost?

Group health insurance costs depend on the types of coverage you choose for your business. With UnitedHealthcare, you can explore plans to find cost-effective coverage for you and your employees.

5 factors that may affect your costs

The plans you select help determine costs for you and your employees. As you explore, you may find that a wide range of plans may meet your needs and help you find quality care at affordable prices.

1. Benefit payments

Identify which health plans provide the deductible, copayment and coinsurance that are most cost-effective for your employees — and you.

2. Shared costs

Group health insurance plans include coverage costs paid by the employer, but monthly premiums are typically shared by you and your employees.

3. Doctor network

You and your employees may have favorite doctors you want to be in your network. If a health care provider does not accept your plan, your claims may be denied or processed at a lower level. 

UnitedHealthcare plans give access to one of the nation's broadest and most flexible networks of providers, so your group may be able to choose more of the network doctors they prefer.

4. Prescription medication plans

Pharmacy services are the most widely used health care benefits, but not all prescription medications are covered by all plans. UnitedHealthcare's prescription drug benefits may offer the best value for your business.

5. Additional coverage

Group health insurance plans typically do not cover dental or vision care — but offering these benefits and other coverage may help you recruit and retain employees. 

Shop for a health plan

Get the information you need to shop for a group health plan — and see how much easier it can be to understand your options.

Working with a broker

Find out more about how brokers work and how they may help you compare your options to help you find the best plan for your business and your employees.

Get more help

If you want help with choosing a health plan, UnitedHealthcare has many options for you. You can choose to work with an insurance agent, who may represent a single health insurance company. Or you can work with a health insurance broker, who may represent several health insurance companies.