Employer eServices®

A better health care experience begins here

Employer eServices represents a powerful suite of online tools designed to save employers time and money. This integrated, one-stop site simplifies your job by letting you manage nearly every aspect of your benefits plan in real time.

Employer eServices offers easy-to-use benefits management tools, including:

  • Real-time transactions
    Online eligibility management makes benefit information immediately available to employees and physicians.
  • Integrated system
    Once you enter your information, it flows through the entire UnitedHealthcare system. This integrated data share saves time and ensures that all information stays current and accurate.
  • Practical reporting options
    Get benefit cost and utilization information to help you make informed choices about benefits programs. You can also generate and print a variety of standard reports, or create customized reports on demand.
  • Electronic billing and payment
    Electronic billing and payment options include:
    • Paperless invoicing
    • Adjusted invoices within 48 hours of employee termination
    • Set up automated or online payments
    • Track payments
    • Review payment history

Quick, simple and straightforward. Simply log in to Employer eServices to get started.