Labor union and trust health coverage

Labor unions and trusts can show clear value to active and retired members by providing access to quality health care benefits. UnitedHealthcare collaborates with labor unions nationwide to provide health coverage and health care benefits to union members and their families. Plan administrators choose the right combination of health benefits to help contain costs and satisfy members' needs. That includes a range of options, from medical plans to disability coverage.

Public sector labor

Which plans are available to union members?

Unions have a strong tradition of protecting their members and helping them lead healthier and more productive lives. As health care costs rise, how can unions keep the same level of coverage and care for their members without increasing premiums? Plan administrators can work with UnitedHealthcare to find solutions that provide access to quality health care and help to keep costs down.

View the plans below for an overview of the coverage to expect from UnitedHealthcare for medical, dental and specialty plans.

Medical plans

Dental Plans

Browse a full suite of dental plan options.

Specialty benefits

Find plans to enhance employees' benefits package.

Union member wellness benefits

UnitedHealthcare’s health coverage plans provide access to resources aimed at helping employees stay healthier and get the most from their health plan. Wellness resources address illnesses and special health care needs to help maintain or improve the well-being of employees and their families.

Retiree health coverage for union members

UnitedHealthcare offers a range of Medicare plan options for retired union members ages 65 and older. Plan administrators can work with UnitedHealthcare to design a program that best suits their retirees. The plans listed below offer more information about retiree health benefits.