Why buy insurance bundles?

Bundle insurance plans to fit your needs

Your health insurance needs are unique. Insurance bundles can help make sure your health insurance solution is unique, too.

You may have the best health insurance plan available and still have concerns about health issues or costs that your plan doesn’t cover. Or maybe you don’t have health insurance yet. You’re still looking for the right health plans to create coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget. Either way, you can bundle insurance plans to build the right coverage for you.

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Bundling short term health insurance and dental insurance

Still looking for the best health insurance for you? This popular insurance bundle can help cover both you and your smile.

  • Apply for Short Term health insurance to help bridge a coverage gap.1
  • Apply for dental insurance for coverage of common dental issues.

Bundling fixed indemnity insurance and dental insurance

Concerned with what major medical doesn’t cover? This insurance bundle may be what you’re looking for.

  • With set benefits paid for covered expenses, Hospital and Doctor fixed indemnity insurance helps with out-of-pocket medical costs.2
  • By covering common dental issues, Dental insurance provides some benefits where major medical doesn’t.

Bundling dental insurance and vision insurance

On Medicare? Employer offers no plans? Looking to round out coverage? Choose a Dental and Vision insurance bundle.

  • Find popular dental and vision insurance plans with no maximum age limits.3
  • Use your plans immediately, no waiting periods or deductibles for dental preventive care and eye exams.

Bundling accident insurance and dental insurance

Worried about unexpected injury? Putting off that trip to the dentist? Here’s an insurance bundle that might help.

  • Accident insurance offers help for extra expenses that come when you least expect them.
  • The cleanings and X-rays covered by Dental insurance may help you avoid future costs.