State government employee health coverage

UnitedHealthcare provides health care plans and services to state employees, retirees and their families. Customized plans may help employers lower costs. They also help maximize taxpayer resources while giving employees greater choice and control in their own health care decisions.

Helping balance the budget

As health care costs rise, employers are faced with a number of difficult questions. One of these questions is often whether to increase employees’ share of costs. That can include higher premiums, copays and deductibles. As it becomes more difficult to attract and retain employees in a competitive labor market, it's essential that employers work to find solutions to these health coverage and cost questions.

Collaborating with UnitedHealthcare gives state agencies access to a wealth of health care experience and solutions. With years of working with state agencies to provide health benefits, certain trends have become clear and these help to guide future plan designs.

State government employees: coverage and eligibility

Eligibility can differ from state to state. Most often, full-time employees, retirees and eligible dependents (spouse, partner, children under 26) can get benefits, including health coverage.

Benefits for state government employees

From online doctor visits to wellness rewards programs, plans are designed to help state employees stay healthier. UnitedHealthcare works with plan administrators to create plans that make sense for employees and help employers manage costs.

View the plans below for an overview of the coverage to expect from UnitedHealthcare for medical, dental and specialty plans.

Medical plans

Dental Plans

Browse a full suite of dental plan options.

Specialty benefits

Find plans to enhance employees' benefits package.

Wellness benefits for state government employees

UnitedHealthcare’s health coverage plans provide access to resources aimed at helping employees stay healthier and get the most from their health plan. Wellness resources address illnesses and special health care needs to help maintain or improve the well-being of employees and their families.

Retiree health coverage for state government employees

UnitedHealthcare offers a range of Medicare plan options for local government retirees ages 65 and older. Similar to local government employee plans, employers can design a program that best suits their retirees. The plans listed below offer more information about retiree health benefits.