State and local government employee health coverage 

UnitedHealthcare works with state and local municipalities to provide government employees, retirees and their families with quality health care coverage. Find plans that may help lower costs and help maximize taxpayer resources while meeting employees’ needs. Your employees can enjoy flexible, customized coverage that offers greater choice and control over their health care decisions.

Meet the needs of your budget while staying competitive

Robust benefits and quality health coverage have traditionally helped governments attract and keep top talent in a competitive labor market. In recent years, budget pressures, an aging workforce and demand for talent have made recruitment more challenging.1 Adding to the challenge are shrinking budgets for many government agencies. This can mean passing some of the cost burden of benefits to employees, like higher deductibles.

But benefits remain an important factor for government employees taking a public sector job — and even more so for staying at the job.1 With our many years of health care experience, UnitedHealthcare can collaborate with your agency to deliver quality, cost-effective solutions and benefits employees want.

Who’s eligible for coverage?

State government employees

Eligibility can differ from state to state. Most often, full-time employees, retirees and eligible dependents (spouse, partner, children under 26) can get benefits, including health coverage. 

Local government employees

Permanent, active and full-time employees with the following local government groups are eligible for health benefits:

  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Townships
  • Special districts
  • School districts

Health plans and benefits overview

Our health plans and benefits for state and local government employees may include: 

Medical plans

Explore competitive and sustainable medical plans built for affordability that aim to meet the changing needs of employees and their families. 

Specialty benefits

Explore coverage to enhance employees' benefits package, including dental, vision, life, disability and much more. 

Wellness benefits

Offer access to programs designed to help close gaps in care, improve health outcomes and empower employees to live healthier lives. 

Financial accounts

Learn about financial accounts available with select medical plans. 

Putting healthier to work

The 2,300-some employees of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS take care of their community, and HR Director Renee Ramirez shares how UnitedHealthcare helps support them in that work.

Retiree health coverage for state and local government employees

UnitedHealthcare offers a range of Medicare plan options for state and local government retirees ages 65 and older. Like state and local government employee plans, employers can design a program that best suits their retirees. View the plans below to get more information about retiree health benefits.