Health coverage for higher education faculty and staff

UnitedHealthcare provides health care plans to higher education faculty and staff. Plan administrators work with UnitedHealthcare to create health coverage solutions for university and college employees nationwide.

Employers can draw on UnitedHealthcare’s years of experience working with higher education clients. Using data and analytics, college and university administrators can make informed decisions on the type of health care their employees need, while also helping to lower costs.

Who is eligible for higher education health care plans?

To apply for benefits, staff, faculty and their dependents must meet their specific institution’s requirements. Coverage might also depend on job classification (for example, whether the employee is faculty or staff). Other requirements include the length of an employee’s appointment and the number of hours they are contracted to work.

Eligible dependents of higher education employees include:

  • Spouses
  • Partners
  • Children under the age of 26
  • Children with a developmental disability

Health care designed for higher education faculty and staff

UnitedHealthcare’s experience in the higher education sector has helped to uncover a number of important trends. Working alongside university and college plan administrators, this information helps to ensure that health coverage and health care benefits for employees are both beneficial and efficient.

Higher education employee health benefits

The goal is always to improve the health of higher education faculty and staff while managing costs. UnitedHealthcare can help achieve both. Working together with colleges and universities, experts use data and analytics to inform health care options for faculty, staff and their families. In addition to the plans outlined, UnitedHealthcare offers a number of programs aimed at improving employees’ wellness and their ability to prevent illness.

View the plans below for an overview of the coverage to expect from UnitedHealthcare for medical, dental and specialty plans.

Medical plans

Dental Plans

Browse a full suite of dental plan options.

Specialty benefits

Find plans to enhance employees' benefits package.

Higher education employee wellness benefits

UnitedHealthcare’s health coverage plans provide access to resources aimed at helping employees stay healthier and get the most from their health plan. Wellness resources address illnesses and special health care needs to help maintain or improve the well-being of employees and their families.

Providing health coverage to retired higher education employees

UnitedHealthcare offers a range of Medicare plan options for retired faculty and staff ages 65 and older. Plan administrators can work with UnitedHealthcare to design a program that best suits their retirees. The plans listed below offer more information about retiree health benefits.