Health and Wellness Resource Calendar

Supporting healthier living all year long

Helping people live healthier lives is our mission at UnitedHealthcare. Our goal is simple: to improve health care for everyone — our members; the doctors who treat them; and the employers who care about them.

With that in mind, we offer you our 2021 Health and Wellness Resource Calendar. It includes links to a variety of presentations and informational articles designed to help support healthier habits for you and your employees throughout the year.

2021 Health and Wellness Resource Calendar

2021 Recorded presentation Content and articles


Healthy weight awareness

Popular Diets: Myths & Facts

Dietary Guidelines

Are you at a healthy weight?

3 steps to cut calories for weight loss

Dietary guidelines: Tips for creating healthy eating patterns


Heart healthy living

Understanding Blood Pressure

DASH Eating Plan

Understanding Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Health

What to know about blood pressure

Could I have high blood pressure?


Better nutrition habits

Cooking for Health

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Healthy Eating at Work

Everyday nutrition

Mindful eating


Alcohol awareness month

Understanding Alcohol Use and Misuse Alcohol Use


Mental health awareness 

The Power of Positivity and Affirmation

Everyday Mindfulness

Coping with Anxiety

Mental Health

Anxiety and anxiety disorders


Better back health habits

Workstation Stretching

Ergonomics and You

Stretching and flexibility: How to stretch for your health

Stand for health


Summer safety

Sun Safety

Hydration & Healthier Beverages

Skin Care

Sun safety tips


Immunization awareness

Preventing Colds & Flu

Flu shot and preventing seasonal flu

Child Immunizations

Vaccines: when you may need them


Preventive care

Understanding Preventive Care

The Basic 8 (Self Care Priorities for Managing Chronic Health Conditions)

What to know about preventive care

Know your numbers: Tips to help you stay on top of your health


Health literacy

Health Insurance 101

Choosing Care

Understanding health insurance


Diabetes awareness

Understanding Diabetes

Eating with Diabetes

Diabetes in Times of Stress

Understanding Diabetes Overview

Booklet: My Diabetes Toolkit


Soothing stress

Soothing Stress

Leaner Ways for the Holidays

Everyday Time Management

Stress: how to cope

Soothing stress